TrackMania 2: Canyon
TrackMania 2: Canyon features gameplay similar to that of previous games in the series. The player can race on various tracks, with the ability to do stunts in various modes, including a championship and a cooperative mode.The track editor from previous games also returns, and includes a new ability to create customized track pieces, although this feature may not be available at launch. A new "ManiaScript" is being created to help players add new features in the game (tracks, cars.etc). TrackMania 2: Canyon will be all around one new environment for the series: Canyon.

GameOn states in their E3 2011 preview, that "Every corner and wall-ride in a track has to be tackled slightly differently, so an experienced player will be able to judge the speed and positioning of the car better and faster than a newer player. Be under no illusion however - Trackmania 2: Canyon is still going to be as frustrating as ever".

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